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First, let's get a CLEAR VISION FOR YOUR LIFE!

DAY 1 - Grit, Grind & Execution

You are willing to put in the work and complete the task!

DAY 2 - Financial Security

You have a plan and are on track $$$

DAY 3 - Health & Wellness

You take care of your physical body and mental energy.

DAY 4 - Emotional & Social

You communicate well both to yourself and others.

DAY 5 - Adversity & Adaptability

You are resilient!  You grow through what you go through.

DAY 6 - Spiritual Wellness

You are self-aware!  Your personal beliefs are in harmony with your actions.

DAY 7 - Authenticity & Leadership

You truly accept your unique self.

(with all strengths and "perceived weaknesses")

You lead yourself well and you naturally inspire others.

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